[Recruitment] Short-term UN Human Rights Internship(Elimination of Racial Discrimination)

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Korea Center for UN Human Rights Policy (KOCUN) is recruiting participants for a short-term UN human rights internship (in the field of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) as follows.


- Applicant : Undergraduate/graduate students who are interested in international human rights protection mechanisms

- Activity period: 2 months (June 13th - August 13th, 2022)

- Activities: Study and discussion related to the review of the national report of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial  Discrimination. (Training and discussion will be conducted in English.)

- Recruitment period: From June 2nd to June 9th, 2022

- Required documents: Resume (Korean or English) and self-introduction (free form)

- Application: Email to kocun_hr@kocun.org

  • (04542) 서울시 중구 청계천로 100, 서관 10층 1058호(수표동, 시그니처타워)  
  • Tel. 02)6287-1210  
  • E-mail. kocun@kocun.org

  • 사무실 운영시간: 월-금 9:00 ~ 17:00 / 휴무. 토,일,공휴일  


(사)유엔인권정책센터는 유엔 경제사회이사회(UN ECOSOC) 특별협의 지위를 획득한 비영리 민간단체입니다.

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